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Welcome to my Counseling page

In-person and telehealth appointments available in the state of Ohio.
Carolina Castano, LPC, NCC.
#C.2103493; CDCA.140596
Under the Supervision of
MaryAnn McQuillian O’Malloy,
LPCC-S # E.0004951-SUPV
I am a licensed professional counselor in the state of Ohio. I studied counseling because I wanted to help others maintain their mental wellness and regain their mental health during difficult times. I view mental health as a normal part of life. As such you don’t have to seek my services only when you are struggling. You could come to counseling to discuss issues, feelings, and matters of your everyday life or to organize your ideas or gain clarity about your life or aspects of your life. You can also come to therapy because you are struggling with anxiety or adjusting to a new dynamic or event in your life.

Apart from helping my clients work on everyday issues I am passionate at helping clients who feel stress and worry on a consistent basis and struggle with feeling anxious, unsure, and nervous. I also like to work with immigrants who are adapting to living in a new culture and are struggling being away from home and adjusting to their new culture. I also love working with teens and their families. The teenage years are amazing and yet can be confusing for teens and parents. The child that you once knew and got along with well now is evolving and branching out into new territory, asking for more freedom and acting differently than what you are used to. I want to let you know that this is all normal but if you feel you and your teen are struggling to get along or are finding this stage of life difficult I can help you find a way to navigate it better.

I also work with clients that are experiencing grief due to losing a person they love or who are experiencing a major change in their life. Grieving is a difficult process that has no timeline or specific road map. I meet you where you are in your grief and listen to what you need.

Lastly I work with individuals and couples who are living or exploring polyamory/consensual non-monogamy. In life there is no one right way to love and relate.

Counseling Approach:

My counseling approach is eclectic. This means I take into consideration my client’s needs, goals, and values and use approaches that would best help my client. I draw from different disciplines that have proven to be effective. Some of them are client-center therapy, existential therapy, expressive arts therapy, relational-cultural therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to name a few. I also used a trauma-informed lens in the work I do. More so now that all of us are processing and still dealing with the effects of the Pandemic.

I look forward to collaborating with you in your journey of mental wellness!

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Individual Intake (60-75 min): $165.00 - $185.00
Couples/Family Intake (75-90 min) $185.00- $200.00

Regular 50 min session: $150.00
Couple/family session (60 min) $170.00
Half Session or added 30 min to session $75.00

Castaño Consulting offers a few reduced rate spots for those who cannot afford current prices; please inquire.

Pay by:

Cash, check, and credit cards


We don’t accept insurance. However, we advise you to check in with your health insurance to see if they cover Out of Network Insurance ( Click ) and we will fill out the paperwork needed for you to apply for this coverage.

24-hours cancellation policy:

If you need to modify an appointment, please do so 24 hours before the appointment; otherwise, you would be charged $75. If there is an emergency, be sure to contact your therapist as soon as possible for exceptions to this policy. We understand that emergencies happen, and we also ask you to realize that this policy helps ensure your spot, which at the same time eliminates available spots for others. When you cancel ahead of time, others can secure an appt with their therapist.

Request Appointment by:
Or call: 513-496-0493

"This information is required by the Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist Board, which regulates the practices of professional counseling, social work, and marriage and family therapy in this state." Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist board (CSWMFT). 77 S High St 24th Floor, Room 2468, Columbus, OH 43215. Phone number (614) 466-0912